Broadway artists prepare workshops-concerts of the immersive musical experience of Dina Fanai Avalona

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Broadway Artists Prepare for Dina Fanai’s Immersive Musical Experience Workshop Concerts Avalona

Fanai and Hank Stampfl will lead the performances with choreography by Natalie Lomonte.

Dina Fanai

A two-day workshop-concert presenting Avalona– an immersive musical experience that combines song, storytelling, dance, digital projections, video mapping and artificial intelligence technology – will be presented November 10-11 at 7:30 p.m. at St. Paul & St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church in Manhattan.

Designed and created by an artist, songwriter, producer and activist Dina Fanaithe concerts will be conducted by Bob Kinkel, co-directed by Fanai and producer Hank Stampfl, and choreographed by Nathalie Lomonte.

The cast will feature Jenna Rubaii (groundhog day), Tony Vincent (american idiot), Mayan days (Aida), Madeleine Serrano, and Fanai of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with ensemble members Kathy Liu, Maurice Ivy, Morgan Andrews and Thomas Curtis. Joie Giordano and Breanna Bella dub the lead roles.

Each member of the public at Avalona acts as “The Seeker” following the path of a woman who must make the choice between life or death, to see or not to see.

The creative team also includes projection designer/AI visual language designer Alex Nero, lighting director Liz Liguori, co-choreographer Whitney Sprayberrycasting director and voice coach Chloe Lowerychief musical engineer Linds Cadwell, creative director and producer Pamela Lubell and associate producer and casting assistant Cassidy Hamilton.

The workshop will use pre-recorded tracks produced by Fanai and Kinkel, accompanied by live musicians, including Chuck Palmer on percussion and Tom Valdez on cello.

Tickets are $35 and can be purchased by visiting Avalon To arrange industry tickets, email [email protected].

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