Birth photographer Heather Nischke captures special moments

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — You may have seen Heather Nischke’s work before.

She snapped photos of Giannis Antetokounmpo and his partner, Mariah Riddlesprigger, when they recently held a diaper drive to celebrate their son, Maverick.

She photographs families in all sorts of settings, but her work focuses on documenting births.

She captures those precious moments when families welcome a new member.

“You don’t like this idea,” Nischke said, holding a camera above a new baby.

Nischke is used to dealing with difficult clients.

“Oh, that’s perfect! You cooperated, thank you,” she said with a laugh.

Many of them, after all, are babies.

She had the idea of ​​starting her own business seven years ago.

“A lot of it started when I had my own kids,” she explained.

It really started on the last four.

“It’s growing, I would say, more and more every year,” Nischke said.

Nischke strives to capture a family’s precious moments from the very beginning.

The photos show concentration, concentration and finally joy.

Every moment of Gabriela Espino’s labor and delivery captured.

“You just can’t get those moments back and you know, it happens so fast,” Espino said.

Nischke specializes in birth photography. Her company is called Heather Nischke Birth Services. She’s there during labor and delivery.

“When you’re going through something so important, we naturally disconnect a bit to go through it. So there aren’t always clear memories when you look back,” Nischke said.

Two years later, that’s exactly how Espino feels. She is happy to be able to remember the birth of her baby, Luna.

“I love it. I look at the photos regularly,” she said.

Espino joined us via Zoom, chatting with Nischke about her toddler.

“She was kind of like an overnight family,” Espino said of Nischke.

“They know I’m reliable,” Nischke said of his clients and the trust they place in him. “They know I’ll be there.”

Nischke documents everything, whether it’s a home birth like Espino’s or a hospital birth.

“For them to be able to have a really clear, coherent timeline of events to reflect on and really see how they worked together to bring their child into the world is pretty cool,” Nischke said.

Espino particularly enjoys looking at photos of her husband holding their daughter.

“Even with my husband, I can see those times when he’s so sweet,” Espino said. “It’s amazing how much a man can bend when he’s holding his newborn, and I can have that, and it’s so awesome.”

Nischke is also a doula, trained to support women during labor.

“Giving people the space to work on it is something that gives me back,” Nischke said.

Espino appreciated the support.

“She was so good at validating my emotions, my feelings and just being there for me, being that extra support person,” Espino said.

For Nischke, it’s a 24/7 job.

“I basically have to give up my personal life to take care of them whenever childbirth may occur,” she noted.

Then she connects with the families a month after the birth.

“We reconnect about a month after giving birth and I deliver everything, as we go over their birth story. If they have any confusion, questions, like hey, what happened? I can kind of show them,” she said.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment that her clients can treasure forever.

“It’s priceless, honestly. It really is. It’s such a treasure that I will have for the rest of my life,” Espino said.

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