BakaRi Bombo Nigerian Artist Demon Music Video

Nigerian artist BaKaRi Bombo has released a brand new music video titled “Demon,” which follows the Brooklyn rapper on a self-reflective journey through the city. Directed by THIRDEYERAZ, BaKaRi embodies visceral energy over drowned drum kicks and 808s, channeling his new spirit as he travels a space-time continuum. BaKaRi is no stranger to fast and frequent travel, as he spent most of his childhood in a military family, moving from different states in the United States (Brooklyn, Chicago, Texas, Ohio) to and from. enters there and live with his family in his homeland of Guinea, Conakry in West Africa.

Returning from an almost year-long hiatus from music as a buzzing artist who has seen a lot in his journey already, often going from moves to tragic loss early in life, BaKaRi seems ready to shut up. the noise and say his song now. Heading to Los Angeles to pursue music in earnest last year, BaKaRi trusts her own instincts with this latest single “Demon” and also hints at an upcoming project in the works. “’Demon’ was recorded at a time when I still found myself, but once that remorse without remorse set in, I fearlessly attacked the mic,” says BaKaRi. “Moving like a demon is a reflection of my restlessness and persistence – by whatever means necessary. “

Watch BaKaRi Bombo’s brand new “Demon” clip on Youtube now.

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