A workshop discusses the impact of labor codes on audiovisual workers

A four-day workshop on “Gender Inclusion and Professionalism in Malayalam Cinema” organized by the Kerala State Women’s Development Corporation (KSWDC) will end here on Sunday.

Women and Child Development Minister Veena George opened the workshop during which technical sessions were attended by representatives from various film industry forums and invited guests.

The first technical session discussed the four labor codes that would be implemented by the Union government and their impact on the audiovisual sector. It was feared that not enough study had been made of the film industry where the employer-employee relationship only existed for a limited time before including laws regarding the film industry in labor codes.

Discussions also took place on the insurance of employees in the cinematographic sector. Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) representative Edavela Babu said the first step in this regard should be taken by the government. HR professional Varkiachen Pettah, who led the session, said that since AV workers do not fall under ESI insurance coverage, discussions should be held with the government to bring them under the law. on employee compensation.

Creative suggestions were made to keep women safe. Women in Cinema Collective representative Bina Paul said special attention should be paid to the issues faced by single women. Women worked in the industry not only as actors, but also as technical and non-technical workers. Often they did not even have basic facilities such as toilets. Financial and physical exploitation continued in the name of the cast and in many other ways. Often, contracts were not signed and no meticulousness was shown in the implementation of contract provisions.

Special legislation for the cinematographic sector was mentioned during the workshop. Draft state rules for labor codes have been published. The recommendations from the workshop and the opinion of various film industry organizations should be codified, after which the Department of Labor would take the necessary action, said Labor Commissioner Chithra S.

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