A photographer captures Toronto street scenes in the 1980s

Time travel may not be possible (at least not yet), but thanks to photographer Avard Woolaver, Torontonians can step back the generations and see what the streets of Canada’s largest city looked like in the 1980s.

Woolaver’s latest photobook, Toronto Hi-Fi, combines his two favorite loves of photography and music.

Rue Gerrard Est in 1981

It showcases the liveliness of the city and the community that has existed for decades in Ontario’s capital.

Toronto 1984

Keele Street in 1984

“I moved to Toronto in 1980 to study photography at Ryerson. Coming from rural Nova Scotia, I had never lived in a city before, and was drawn to photographing scenes and of people who reminded me of my home,” Woolaver told blogTO.

Toronto 1980

Yonge Street in 1983

“In a way, my vision was quite fresh and I was seeing the city through the eyes of the countryside. Everything was new and interesting and I tried to record things like a visual diary. My transition to city life has was facilitated by the friendship with like-minded people at Ryerson. I was fueled by all that creative energy.

Toronto 1983

Downtown Toronto in 1983

Since then Woolaver has traveled the world, raised a family in Toronto and returned to Nova Scotia in 2005.

Toronto 1983

Spadina and Wellington, 1983

He recently began digitizing his old negatives and posting the long-neglected photos online, allowing others to bask in the memory of this growing city.

toronto 1980s

Near Queen and Bathurst in 1983.

After documenting the city back then and seeing what it looks like today, Woolaver notes how technology and digital growth have changed the city.

toronto 1980s

Man walking past telephone booths in 1980.

“In the 1980s, Toronto felt smaller, with a more small-town vibe. There were more independent mom-and-pop stores, but fewer bike lanes and bike lanes,” says Woolaver.

toronto 1980s

Yonge and Dundas, 1985

With five books now published, Woolaver hinted he had enough material for at least one more, although he would like to return to the city he used to call home and re-photograph some favorite images. to highlight both places that have changed and those that haven’t.

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