6 Photography Themes to Help You Love the Craft Again

Photography is as much about the process as it is about the end result. Of course, we all love that feeling of having “the shot”. It’s a drug like no other. However, it is equally important to enjoy the shooting process as well as the subject. If you’re looking to feel that feel-good factor with your photography, here are some themes that will help you release all the endorphins.

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Some of you reading this might quickly think, “All types of photography make you feel good.” It’s not true. I speak with many photographers who struggle with the type of photography they take. It is mainly photojournalists and documentary photographers who struggle with PTSD because of the intensity of the subject. I also often listen to the moans of wedding photographers when they get frustrated with the demands of their job.

So, below are mostly stress-free photography themes that will give a pleasant feeling when you practice them.

Wildlife photography

Unless you’re dead inside, animals are a surefire way to make you feel all warm and fuzzy. There’s something beautiful about spending time with animals, especially fan favorites like cats and dogs, and having a photoshoot with them. We presented many wildlife photographers on the site, and all share how good the job makes them feel. If you haven’t already, find a pet or photograph your own; you will undoubtedly enjoy the process.

Professional photography

Take a look and you will see that there are many projects in your local community that require the services of professional photographers. Most of them depend on donations, so they won’t have a budget to pay a photographer. This is the perfect opportunity to use your skills and give something back to the world. And while making a difference in the lives of others through your professional photography, you’ll also feel good about your choices. (Altruism is a myth!)

beach photography

I believe every human being should visit the beach every year. The rib has wonderful healing powers for mental health. Carrying a camera reinforces the process of detachment and being present in the moment. Think of the crisp, cool air, the warmth of the sand on your soles, and the glow of the sun illuminating your surroundings. Now think about being able to document this with your favorite camera; feel-good chemicals are circulating right now, aren’t they?

child photography

Children are beautiful subjects. Not just for their friendliness, but because most of them have not yet understood the pressures of the world, which allows them to bring a high level of positive energy to any environment. Of course, they can be small terrors, and landing them isn’t without its challenges. But for the most part, capturing the innocence of childhood will melt your heart and leave your brain in a happy state.

It will also guarantee the smile of others.

Photograph the family

Photographers travel far and wide to find the kinds of subjects they want to document. The reality is that rewarding topics are much closer to home than many realize. It may be because many take family for granted, but it seems that we overlook our loved ones when it comes to creating photographs. Your family is probably proud of your skills. Using this skill to document those who have given you a chance in the world can be very rewarding. People records are important: they are even more important when you create them.

And always remember that family means different things to different people.


Stop looking at what is in front of you and start looking within. Turning the camera on yourself can be very rewarding. Not only are self-portraits a great way to discover your body and mind (while learning to love those parts of you), it’s also a great opportunity to fool around and let go of your inhibitions. So if you’re looking for ideas for topics that make you feel good, get in front of your lens and see where creativity takes you!

It’s time to enjoy the process

If you currently don’t enjoy photography, or are struggling with client and subject requests, use the photography themes above to reconnect with what you love. All of them will help you feel happy, which photography should be.

What types of photography do you enjoy doing the most? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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