5 of the best highlights from inside the photographer’s mind

In 2021, The Phoblographer resurrected Inside the Photographer’s Mind. We offer the show as a video and audio podcast, and we aim to bring the best of photography conversations. Another main goal is to have the most diverse group of guests to highlight all voices and perspectives within the photo industry. It was a pleasure to put together the first batch of episodes. In this article, we reflect on some of the highlights.

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Jamie Windsor on In the Mind of the Photographer

Jamie Windsor was the first guest to appear on the revamped version of Inside The Photographer’s Mind. He holds a strong voice in the photo industry and currently has around half a million subscribers on YouTube. But he is far from being a simple influencer. He is a seasoned photographer who can provide informative and balanced information to those willing to listen. If you are “anti-Youtuber”, we suggest you watch this episode. It may just change your mind. (Read the episode here.)

Vanessa Charlot in In the mind of the photographer

Vanessa Charlot is a smart artist who is also an educator and an amazing photographer. She’s the kind of person you could listen to for hours as she grips you with her thoughtful words and views of the world. She has had a remarkable journey in photography and is happy to talk about why she is passionate about the work she does. Also tune in when she tells us what gift her teacher gave her. (Read the episode here.)

Omar Z Robles on Inside The Photographer’s Mind

You have already seen Omar Z Robles in The Phoblographer. He is best known for his superb portraits of dancers. However, he is also an avid street photographer. Robles joined us on Inside the Photographer’s Mind to discuss his NFT Photography collection and the astronomical amount it sold on the Opensea market. This is a great watch for anyone new to NFT and it will definitely educate you. (Read the episode here.)

Cath Simard on Inside the Photographer’s Head

Cath Simard is an adventure junkie! She likes to explore the world and its highlands, often alone. She’s an avowed introvert, and photography seems to be her best friend. Simard came to the show to discuss her incredible portfolio and how she went from new photographer to Sony ambassador in just two years! It’s an inspiring episode and highlights what can happen when you choose to take up photography. Enjoy the show. (Read the episode here.)

Phil Penmen joins us on the show

Phil Penmen is best known for his fine art street photography. Three years ago he decided to pack up his day job and pursue his street work full time. It paid off, as he regularly holds workshops with Leica, sells his prints, and sees his work showcased around the world. But his photographic journey spans more than a decade. Once a paparazzi photographer, Penman talks about the crazy money he could make back in the day! Check out her full story via the video above. (Read the episode here.)

Who do you want to see?

We want to give you a podcast that puts you first. We can do this by hearing who you want to see on Inside the Photographer’s Mind and what conversations you would like to hear. Let us know in the comments below which photographers you think we should interview in future episodes. Thanks for reading.

Main photo by Cath Simard

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