5 ideas for winter macro photography outdoors

by Jeremy Gray

posted on Saturday, December 18, 2021 at 6:30 a.m. EST

Winter is beating down on many of us. With a few exceptions, while the winter isn’t brutally cold or snowy, it changes your photographic options. For macro photographers, winter can be particularly difficult. There are fewer, if any, bugs or other small critters to photograph, there are fewer flowers, and there is less light during the day. Photographer and macro specialist Micael widell wants to help with his latest video, “My 5 Best Ideas for Winter Macro Photography”.

Widell’s first suggestion is to photograph “frozen things”. If you are lucky you will be called frost. It is when frozen water vapor adheres to something in a crystalline form. As Widell says, when the conditions are right for frost you can shoot just about anything and it will make an interesting subject, especially when you get up close and see all the ice crystals.

Precipitation is an excellent winter macro topic. Rain and snow can make for really neat macro subjects. If you are lucky you will have frozen rain which requires somewhat unusual weather but looks great. For snowflake photography you will also have to be a bit lucky, as snow comes in many shapes and sizes and not all snowflakes are crystalline. Sometimes snow is just kind of a blobby. Widell shows great photos of snowflakes. If you want to see even more photos of snowflakes, check out some of our previous articles:

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