5 Best Wedding Photographers in Memphis, TN


Below is a list of the best wedding photographers in Memphis. To help you find the best wedding photographer near you in Memphis, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of review points.

Best Memphis Wedding Photographer:

Top Rated Wedding Photographers in Memphis, TN are:

  • Photography Igor B. Mazor – is an editorial family photographer from Memphis
  • Sarah Morris Photography – is an award-winning wedding photographer
  • Rob + Deanna Photography – have accumulated 20 years of experience in photography
  • Josh and Aleah Photography – is a duo of husband and wife photographers
  • Snap Happy Photography – photographed nearly 400 weddings

Photography Igor B. MazorMemphis Wedding Photographer

Photography Igor B. Mazor is an editorial family photographer from Memphis, Tennessee. Since then he owned his first camera at the age of fifteen, Igor’s passion for photography as a form of expression has continued to grow in his career. Although he has worked with different types of photography for over years, Igor can confidently say that his love for this work comes from individuals.

From personalities and feelings to deeply ingrained emotions, it is these expressive and intangible things that draw the emotions and reactions of its viewers. This is what separates simple snapshots from robust photographs; appealing to more than just their sense of sight.


Photography services


Address: 6047 Executive Center Dr # 4, Memphis, TN 38134
Telephone: (901) 483-5726
Website: www.igormazor.com


“Igor is not only a technically superb photographer, but he also builds a great rapport with the client and makes sure they understand exactly what you need. He is fast, efficient and friendly, it is a real pleasure to work with him. – Pablo Julien D.

Sarah Morris PhotographyBest Wedding Photographer in Memphis

Sarah Morris Photography is an award-winning Memphis wedding photographer specializing in wedding and newborn photography. Sarah Morris Photography serves the greater Memphis area and beyond for your destination wedding. It is the passion of his life to take those same moments for you. From your engagement to your wedding. And as you grow your family with motherhood and newborn. Filming those event moments for you brings so much happiness to Sarah.


Wedding & Newborn Photography, Destination Weddings


Telephone: (901) 651-7416
Website: www.sarahmorrisphotography.com


“Sarah was great! She meets all your needs and brings all the accessories to your home and is very accommodating to all of your needs! She is great with children and very friendly. – Vanisha M.

Rob + Deanna PhotographyMemphis Wedding Photographer

Rob + Deanna Photography is a team of award-winning wedding photographers based in Memphis, Tennessee. They love each other with devotion and put every ounce of that love and passion into their photography. From the moment you start planning your wedding day to the thrill of the day itself, they are there every step of the way to give you the most incredible wedding experience possible.

They have combined 20 years of photography experience with over a decade of college and masterclass photography training. When you choose them, you get not one, but two full-time seasoned professionals who are incredibly in love and passionate about capturing your love and telling your amazing story.


Wedding and engagement photography


Telephone: (501) 960-8808
Website: www.robanddeanna.com


“I would highly recommend Rob + Deanna Photography to anyone. They are both very talented and their work is amazing. My daughter chose them for her wedding and they were so easy to work with. When I asked for additional photos on the wedding day they didn’t mind at all. They said “We’re here all day… we can take any photos you want.” I appreciate all they did to make my daughter’s wedding day a day to be remembered forever. Their photos were simply stunning and I will cherish their work forever. – Brenda S.

Josh and Aleah PhotographyGood Memphis Wedding Photographer

Josh and Aleah Photography is a husband and wife photographic duo located in Memphis TN. They are all things photographers but specialize in runaways, engagements and weddings in Memphis TN. When they’re not photographing beautiful weddings, amazing people, and the nicest times, they love to travel and will make every excuse to grab their cameras, jump in the car and see something new.

Their affection as wedding photographers is to make these priorities come true. It doesn’t matter if you want to smile once at the camera and then party the night away with your friends, or if you want to dance, twirl and dive in front of their lens for hours.


Engagement, weddings, runaways


Address: 53 N Larchmont Dr, Memphis, TN 38111
Telephone: (901) 574-1729
Website: www.joshandaleah.com


“Josh and Aleah were fantastic! Due to COVID, we had to change several of our initial wedding plans. We even had two receptions to welcome our guests. Josh and Aleah have been very supportive, consistent, knowledgeable and very helpful through all of the changes. For the wedding day, they were great in keeping everyone on schedule so we didn’t get stressed out. For me in particular, Aleah was great for reminding me to drink water because of the heat. She was like a really helpful extra bridesmaid! I highly recommend them! ” – Rachel W.

Snap Happy PhotographyOne of the best wedding photographers in Memphis

Snap Happy Photography is a husband and wife team that specializes in fun and stress-free wedding photography. Jen and Ben love weddings and have photographed nearly 400 weddings since the launch of Snap Happy. Although they are based in Memphis, Jen and Ben have experimented with wedding photographers in New York City.

If you are planning a wedding in New York, you can save a ton of money by hiring a foreign photographer. Even with the travel costs included, their prices are lower than those of many New York wedding photographers.


Wedding photography


Telephone: (901) 605-0843
Website: www.snaphappy.com


“Jen and Ben are great to work with! My husband and I had never been in any type of photoshoot and had no idea what to do. Jen and Ben explain everything to you and make the experience so fun for our engagement photos and our wedding day !! Our wedding day photo album is a dream and captures all the best moments! We have already recommended to my cousin and she also loved having them for her wedding! ” – Allison G.


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