Portrait of a Brown Bear
Portrait of a Brown Bear


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"Our goal at Nature’s Photo Adventures is to lead photographic workshops to the some of the world’s most beautiful and unspoiled destinations while providing a rewarding and educational learning experience".

We strive to exceed your expectations, taking you on an adventure and a once in a lifetime experience. Explore nature, share, learn and develop new levels of photographic skills and leave with fantastic photographs and wonderful memories and new found friends.  We will teach you the techniques to enhance and improve your current level of photography while providing a safe, unique and enriching travel adventure. Our workshops are designed with a limited number of participants and small group settings for a more intimate and conducive learning experience. They are ideal for photographers, birders, and nature lovers as the opportunities are seemingly endless to see and photograph new species. We are looking forward to sharing our passion for photography by leading you on our unique adventures!  

What's in the news?


  • Polar Bears and Cubs confirmed for 2016! 4 spots left!
  • Alaska Brown Bears confirmed for 2015! 2 spots left
  • 2 Photo Adventures in Costa Rica in 2014!
  • One spot left for BC Grizzly Bears HERE
  • email to reserve your spot.


What makes us different from our competitors?

•NPA focuses on more personalized instruction and guidance. We are there to make sure you get the knowledge and instruction required to “get the shot”

•David Hemmings is regarded one of the world’s top professional photographers in bird and wildlife photography. He is also highly regarded as an expert instructor and teacher.

•When necessary, NPA utilizes local guides with years of experience in their home areas.

•Our Workshop Leaders are proven industry leaders. They are some of the world’s top professional photographers in bird portrait and flight photography. Clement Francis is a well noted as one of the top photographer's in India. His local experience and knowledge of the area and bird species in India succeeds client expectations. 

•We bring VALUE to our workshops, some being a lot less than comparable workshops from our competitors.

•On some workshop destinations, we have 2 workshop leaders for more personalized attention – groups can be split into two separate destinations within a workshop and have personalized instruction and guidance.

•Our workshops have limited participants (small groups) to ensure a more intimate photographic experience as well as being more conducive to learning.

•Our customer service has been the key to our success! We bring out the best in our clients and aim to exceed your expectations. We will always place our camera aside to ensure you capture the cover shot!

•We utilize local guides with years of experience in their home areas.

•We have more experience.  We have been to almost all of the places we will take you.  We know where to get the best possible images and can show you how to achieve them. 

•We are environmentally and socially aware.  When we visit communities around the world we give something back to these places and the people who live there.  We also offer guests the opportunity to offset their carbon footprint made during the trip.  Sustainable Tourism: We are committed to making a low impact on the environment and supporting local culture. Our adventures employ local people and use local suppliers whenever possible. This enables the money we spend to stay in the local communities of people you meet along the way. We encourage learning and respecting local cultural beliefs and traditions. Respecting the land and sites of where we visit and leaving it as it was or helping to improve it during our stays.

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